Tamaland Isle

In The Land Of Elandalor
Along The Tamaland Isle

Tamaland Isle

The lands that make up Tamaland Isle have long been at peace. There are no wars, no battles, for there are no kingdoms, no empires or lands held by force. Though things were once that way. Ages, many ages ago, large and terrible battles had been fought across the land. North to south, east to west. So many died, so much was lost. Those who coveted power and land soon were slain. As the years passed the people found that they no longer knew why they had fought. There was too much to do just to live, to survive. They dropped their weapons and forgot about warring, and differences. They went back to their lives. The world forgot about Tamaland Isle. It became a place lost among the myths and stories of a distant past.

It can be said that an enchantment was placed upon those lands. Yes evil things still walked in some places, but once known none ever would venture near unless need demanded. In fact most people never strayed far from the places where they were born. Young men dreamed of great adventures in places far away, which were really not that very far away. Across a river, or through a woods were their lands far away. Five miles was as much as five hundred for how far most would ever travel in their lifetime.

In the large cities of Nortown and Isen most spent their lives within the walls of the city. Some adventurous few would become sailors, raftsmen, or travel with the caravans carrying goods across the land.


There are three great rivers running from the east to the Turquoise Sea. Once three great trade routes of the first men who ventured there and determined to settle the lands. They are the Aldmar River, the River Az, and the Titan River.

The Aldmar River’s source is deep within the Black Mountains of Aldmar. From that mountains far north forever snow covered peaks flows the mightiest, widest river in Tamaland. It flows always along the north side of the southernmost spur of the Black Mountains. Bordered on the south always by the mountain and its foothills, while along its northern edge are wastelands, marches, meadows and pine forests until it splits into two tributaries into the sea.

aldmar river

The River Az flows south out of the great Lake Argent (Silver Lake) through woodlands into the Great Grasslands, then to the sea. Within the Great Grasslands is meanders slowly along, a gentle rivers bending and weaving along. Its shores sands, with many sandbars to trap the unwary traveler.

river az

The Titan River is the shortest, but it is the most rapid and dangerous of the three. It flows south out of the deep cold waters of Darkmaw (Blue Lake). The lake pours out over a three hundred foot falls to the start of the river below. South it runs in a deep gorge with the Greyward forest sitting upon the cliffs along the north. Past this forest the gorge ends with the river picking up speed as it drops to the Channel of Roe.

titan river

Eastern Fell are the high barren lands south of the Black Mountains. Rough rock strewn, with patches of tamarack and spruce, small rivers and secret pools. A tough land.

eastern fell

Broad and flat the Great Grassland sweeps a wide swath through the heart of Tamaland Isle, from the Turquoise Sea to the far eastern woodlands, from the Titan River in the south to the River Az in the north. Many have lost their way in this sea of grass, which is often as tall as a man on horseback. There are no trails through these grasslands for any made quickly disappear. Only the road running north from Rivers in the south to the solitary Baylorne Keep and Docktown can be safely travelled without getting lost.


The North Road runs from the Keepers Hold on the northern borders of the I’dnar Desert north to Rivers, then across the Great Grasslands to Baylorne Keep, onward north to the city of Isen. Settled by men. Inhabited by Dwarves.

Largest cities Nortown and Isen, both sit astride the Aldmar River.

South of these cities is Roe, sitting high upon the bluff overlooking the Channel of Roe. Roe is one of the older cities and now has become a city of learning. Schools for all the crafts are taught in Roe.

To the northeast of Roe where the Channel of Roe joins the Titan River sits the crossroads town of Rivers. Rivers has large docks to handle the many ships carrying goods to and from the central lands. Four main roads head in and out of Rivers. To Roe, Docktown, Ern, and the long road south to Keepers Hold.

At the mouth of the River Az on the great tidal washes sits the solitary Baylorne Keep. An ancient keep found in ruins and rebuilt by men. Just south of the Keep is Docktown.


Ern is a fair size village at the south most tip of Darkmaw. Ern sits high upon the cliffs that drop into the Titan valley. Just a few yards before the Titan Falls a bridge spans the river’s mouth. The bridge connects Ern with the road west to Rivers. That road is a dangerous road. When not winding down steep cliffs it winds through the thick, dark forest of Ayngor before again crossing the Titan River, then on into Rivers.

Upland is a small fishing village, the only fishing village, situated on the Darkmaw. Not much fishing is done there anymore, most are now hunters and trappers.


In the Wolds of the Misty Hills, deep in the North Woods live woodland dwarves. Yes dwarves! Most have heard tales of the dwarves of the Black Mountains and Aldmar Fast who live deep in the mountains. The woodland dwarfs’ ages ago took to the deep forests and hills, preferring the great towering trees and open skies to their mountain kin’s love of solid stone above their heads. Unlike elves they do not live up in the tree tops, rather is solid built timber homes at the edge of the forests and the Misty Hills. Some do mine the hills for precious gems as well as chalk and limestone. Most harvest great timbers from the forest to supply the needs of men to the south. They are the guardians of the North Woods.

misty hills

Idlewood is a small village along a small forest lake called Halen Tarn. A little more than a few dozen families live year round in Idlewood, some as fisherman, hunters, and a few farmers.

The once great mining town of Tern. Long ago when men traded with the dwarves of the Black Mountains they were taught skills in mining. Copper and iron flowed out of the mountains into Tern, where great caravans carried the ore west to Isen. Now there are few miners, and the dwarves are gone.

Olmast is a fishing town on the eastern shores of Lake Argent. They fish mostly for the silverback sturgeon which are only found in Lake Argent. Craved for not only their finely tasting meat, but for their eggs that are considered a delicacy in the large cities to the west.

Barq sits at the inlet to the River Az and is a major marketing town for the fisherman of Olmast. Here great barges wait for each weeks catch to ship downriver to ship docks of Docktown, which lies below the watchful eyes of Baylorne Keep.

Docktown is a sprawling ramble of docks, shops and homes. Built with no plan. If one wanted to build a dock you simply built it wherever there was room, or whoever you could take room from. There is no formal law of government in Docktown. The people handle their own affairs, deal harshly with those they consider deserving, and leave those alone who wish it. The people have learn through time the benefits of free trade and cooperation as well as the cost of governments. They embrace the former while detesting the latter.

Grey Shroud is an ancient castle and keep built and occupied by long forgotten people. Men had once tried to rebuild in Grey Shroud, but the place held a pallor of fear and haunting in its very air. Many who lived there died unknown deaths, or disappeared altogether. In time men left the Grey Shroud fall into ruins and gave it back to its haunts and spirits.

grey shroud

Erin Hold and Lower Erin are sleepy little hamlets along the River Az. Farming, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. Here the land is fertile, the river slow, and great for growing crops and raising livestock. The river provides the means to ship their produce to markets since they easily raise more than they could ever use.

The Wisp Swamp is a place that once just a part of a long flatland where the winds forever blew from the sea shore inland. Once a land covered in cedar shrubs and heather, then slowly part of the land began to sink. As it sank fetid waters began to cover vast area as a great swamp took hold. It seemed as if the very earth itself breathed a warm, foul and sickly vapor across the land. There a places where the once solid North Road is barely passable.

wisp swamp

The larger cities maintain a standing militia, there number depending on their size or the few dangers in their area. Most only need protection from few bands of rogues who might inhabit the byways and to maintain peace and law within their borders. The people of smaller towns and villages band together in time of need or cause. Thus most small villages has bell towers that sound out to gather in time of troubles.

Warmark Ruins are the remains of a yet another long lost town. If it had been destroyed in the many wars of the past, or if it had been destroyed long before even that, no one knows. Only monsters, spirits, and other ghostly things occupy the ruins. Even the origin of its name has been lost in time, such that some calling it by other names. The dwarves once called it Oremark.


Keepers Hold was once a military outpost guarding the road out of the I’dnar Desert. At one time bands of tribal nomads would raid north and this outpost was there to protect the North Road. No longer a military outpost much of Keepers Hold is abandoned. The nomads no longer seem to be interested in raiding the north. Mostly sand now blows through its street.

South Hold has also been abandoned. Along with Keepers Hold they were the watch kept upon the I’dnar Desert. There are tales of desert monsters and other unspoken things that once inhabited those lands.

jdnar desert

Just west of South Hold is lies a great rift in the ground. A great maw that opens up into the bowels of the earth. On the north side of the rift lies the ruins of Heth, while on the south side lies the ruins of Hend.

At the farthest, most southern end of Tamaland Isle is the Fen Oasis. The one permanent place the southern nomads meet is at the Fen Oasis. In this place the water is plentiful and the coastal breezes keep the air much cooler than the deserts.

fen oasis

Two hundred miles off the coasts of Tamaland Isle lie the Ghost Islands. Three long, narrow islands they have no names outside of Ghost Islands. The largest, nearest island has two small villages, Lut and Carn. Lut lies deep inside Pit Bay and is mostly the respite of pirates and raiders. South of Lut are the jagged Ghost Mountains. Farther south is swamplands and scrub plains. North of Pit Bay is the Desert Isles, and at the most northern point of the island is Carn.


iron cliffs


More to come!