Ce'Bells Tale

In The Land Of Elandalor
Along The Tamaland Isle

Ce'Bells Tale

The last rays of the sunlight slowly faded as the sun settled behind the western foothills. Here and there the gentle swells of the sea caught the fading light and shimmered briefly. The storm had passed. A calm, quite sea now lapped the shores in a hypnotic rhythm. The air smelled salty fresh, the harbor docks gleamed from the storms cleansing. The only others sounds were the calls of the gulls and the wind passing through the pines on its way south

The suns light still caught the upper parts of the tallest structures, the lighthouse, the eastern watch tower, and the very end of the docks. Soon the village lights would begin to shine as each hut, shop and home lit their way candles. The bounty of the sea ensured all had way candles, lit to ward away spirits and welcome guests

Stormhaven was nestled in a small granite rock bay facing the east. Her shores were rocky and steep, dropping off quickly into the dark depths. No sandy beaches and blue green waters here. Forever these waters were dark, unknown, and dangerous. Few ever traveled this far north. With the Black Mountains to her back and the sea to her front Stormhaven was the last refuge for sailors along the northern Turquoise Sea.

Long in the forgotten past the Night Elves of Leowen has sought refuge in the bay after being blown far north in a late summers gale. Their ships wreaked the survivors made what shelter they could and found the bay protected them from the fierce winds of the storm. The Night Elves have been there since. Other races soon followed. Men who fished the sea and Dwarves who mine in the foothills of the Black Mountains. Even the fair skinned Wood Elves came out of curiosity.

Though small compared to many towns and villages in the Western Lands Stormhaven had grown civilized and comfortable. As least as much as the sea and the land would allow. Soon ships arrived to carry off the bounty of the sea, along with the ore and precious stones of the Dwarves, and Stormhaven settled into its routine. Of the tall mighty pines only those needed to build and support the village, or repair ships, were allowed to be felled. These the Night Elves would not allow to be harvested as were the fish and stone.

Ce'bell sat down on the time worn wooded bench, rested her arm gently on the rail, and looked out upon Stormhaven. Her hair shone a gentle hue of green in the light of the way candle and her dress hung as satin across her body. Bare arms and midriff, toned and smooth, stood out from the dress as it caressed her hips, then flowed as water down to her ankles. Hers was a beauty rare in those parts. Only by viewing the bottoms of her feet would you know she was made of much stronger stuff than the dress and curves of her body belied.

It was spring time in Stormhaven, as short as it was, and storms were the pattern. As the land and sea began to warm, the snows began to retreat into the mountains as the ice moved off the sea. Yet the forever frozen north yielded slowly to the warmth, throwing great gusts of icy winds to the south. Huge storms raged as the elements fought for control. Then, for a few short cycles, peace would reign and life bloomed in Stormhaven.

Ce'bell could see the men of the fishing fleets scrambling on the docks below, checking out the storms damage, making repairs, and testing their sails. Soon it would be time for the first fishing run of the season as the dozen or so ships of the fleet made their dash for the sea. No time could be lost, the season was short, and money made from the harvests would need to last yet another long winter.

As her gazed along to the lighthouse Ce'bell could make out the portly round body of the harbor master as he slowly rowed his way from the shore. Though it was very unlikely that this storm had done any damage to the lighthouse the harbor master would still go and check. Life in Stormhaven revolved around the harbor master and good Esterwall was as fine a harbor master as had ever been. A bit on the heavy side, as he liked his food and ale, a bit on the balding side with large blue searching eyes, Esterwall always had a smile on his face and a rumbling laugh in his belly. Even now Ce'bell chuckled as she watch the man step from the launch onto the rocky lighthouse shore.

The lighthouse stood on a large granite outcrop some ways from the north edge of the bay. Someone with a strong back could row out there in a few minutes, but with the harbor master it took much longer. No doubt a keg of ale and some fay bread awaited him on the small isle. But before all that Esterwall would climb the steps to the top of the lighthouse and light the large wick in the way vat. That light would burn throughout the night, though it was still too early for ships coming north to see it.

More to come!